MMOHEROS : Dark Souls 3 gets a release date

April 12, Souls fans—April 12 (or March 24 if you’re over in Japan). That’s not all that far away. Maybe Miyazaki will take after Bethesda’s Pete Hines and write you a sick note:

“To whom it may concern,


You’ll appreciate that in sharing this excellent ruse with you I’ve ruined it for myself, although I have found that the “died” excuse is good for a couple of uses max.

Dark Souls 3 is taking after the second game in the sense of a synchronous release across PC and consoles, which is always good to see, as is the new footage included in the trailer above, provided your brain can keep up with the jump cuts.

Dark Souls 3 Pursuer 2

Naturally, there are three separate pre-order editions already in the works. First, there’s the obscene Prestige Edition, packing a 40cm Lord of Cinder figurine that looks wider than my mantelpiece, a slightly shorter Red Knight figurine, cloth map, soundtrack, art book, iron-on patches, a metal case, a great big box to store it all in, oh, and Dark Souls 3. Then you’ve got your lowly Collector’s Edition which contains the above sans the resin behemoth, and finally there’s the Apocalypse Edition, exclusive to pre-orders and boasting the soundtrack and that nice metal case I mentioned.

Window shopping is exhausting.

Wes has spent a few hours with his hands on Dark Souls 3 and found it immediately familiar—but where From Software is concerned, that could be no bad thing.

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