MMOHEROS : Dark Souls 3 footage features new areas and undead

We’ve seen a little bit of Dark Souls 3 gameplay, but it all takes place in the same area. Now, thanks to a YouTuber who archived a recent From Software stream, we have another six minutes of footage to salivate over, set in a locale none of the promotional material has explored before. 

I resolved not to watch any new Dark Souls 3 footage, lest I spoil the game when it arrives. Alas, it is my job to watch the video, but I can at least report that what I see is gorgeous. The graphical advancements are more apparent here than in previous footage, and the resemblance to PS4-exclusive Bloodborne is obvious. Meanwhile, it’s interesting to see an Estus flask used for both healing and magic.

Dark Souls 3 is scheduled to release next month, though whether the PC edition will release alongside the console versions is yet to be seen. If the footage leaves you hungering for more, here are some recent screenshots to keep you sated.

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