MMOHEROS : DOOM gets another multiplayer closed alpha in December

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Another closed alpha for DOOM is coming next week, but like the first one, those who secured beta access via Wolfenstein: The New Order preorders aren’t guaranteed access. Kicking off December 3 and running until the end of December 6 (that’s Eastern Time), participants will be chosen from those who redeemed DOOM beta codes included with The New Order, or those who have preordered the game digitally. 

So yeah, it’ll likely be as hard to get into as last month’s jaunt, but at least there’s hope: check your email to see if you got in. It looks like the alpha will operate exactly as the last one did: it’s 6v6 team deathmatch on the Heatwave map with a Revenant power-up, and seven weapons including the rocket launcher, super shotgun, plasma rifle and vortex rifle.

Closed alpha access is subject to an NDA so I’m not sure how well the last one went (I didn’t get in, damn it), but Chris Livingston played the game at QuakeCon, and you can read his impressions here.

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