MMOHEROS : Broforce gets characters inspired by Raiden and Highlander

Broforce has received two new heroes inspired by the life and times of Christopher Lambert. Broden (Raiden) and Brolander (Connor MacLeod aka the Highlander) are now playable. Both use lightning powers and the inimitable charisma of Lambert to blow up enemies.

Speaking of blowing up enemies, you can do that in sillier ways with new “All-American Supply Drops” which look like big gun robots. There are also new “performance enhancing drugs” and alien pheremones that make xenomorphs cluster together in a big group hug.

There’s more: “Expert Broforce players can also test their battle-hardened skills in the all-new Covert Ops levels for each bro, designed around each unique character and their special attacks.”

Broforce is jolly good fun. We enjoyed the destructible levels and the screen-shaking explosions, even if the bro-ness grew exhausting after a while. Find out more in our Broforce review.

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