MMOHEROS : Assassin's Creed Syndicate patch 1.21 now live

HideousTartCrustacean (gfyCat video)

Ubisoft might not be known for no-expense-spared PC ports, but Assassin’s Creed Syndicate wasn’t completely phoned in. It’s a sure step up from the leering, lidless eyes of Unity’s NPCs (although perhaps that’s not saying much) and our Chris Livingston reported just a handful of bugs and performance issues compared to Unity’s bucketful. Now Ubi have stepped in with a patch to squash the most troublesome.

“Improved performance and stability” is a big, flashy statement that ought to please people playing on mid-range rigs—Syndicate’s minimum recommended specs are not to be taken lightly. From the sound of it, the tendency to plummet through the world on disembarking a carriage has been fixed too, in addition to a spate of “geometry explosion” issues. I would have voted to keep those in on the strength of the name alone.

However, the absurd patch note crown has to go to “Fixed an issue in the Fight Club”, which makes it sounds as if Ubi sent in their heavies to have a word about protection money.

The full patch notes are available for you to peruse at your leisure.

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