Latest balance update reveals buffs to Chromie –

Our deadly little Gnome is getting some tweaks that make her deadlier and harder to kill

Full patch notes here

The Balance Team is releasing a new Patch, which addressess Chromie’s low win rate with buffs to her health, damage, and cool downs. They aren’t surprised by her win rate since she is a hero with a high skill floor and low health. However, they do feel there’s room for these buffs since her skill shots are difficult to land and it’s challenging for teams to coordinate around her poke style.

Developer commentary informs that the buffs are an attempt to offset some of her targetting weaknesses:

 Chromie is the type of Hero who has high damage potential (and man, when she hits those home runs they’re a sight to behold), but is also very inconsistent.  She’ll always be that way to a degree, which is by design.  We’re attempting to buff her damage throughput to offset this inability to pick her targets, without making her “one shot” potential any scarier than it is.

Additionally, some of her talents at level 6 and 15 have received some damage buffs and nerfs while slightly reducing some cooldown reduction talents.

The patch will be active June 2nd around 10 A.M. pst.

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