mmoheros – Halfway Through August!


This month, so far, has seen a serious focus on both the re-abilitation front and on client stability. I’d like to call the last two weeks “the re-sta’bilitation push”! This effort is focused on getting us a good foundation for testing all the work going into Camelot Unchained as we fly toward Beta. The team here has continued working very hard, not only on the two aforementioned issues, but also on many other tasks related to Beta, so we can land a good, strong, yet old-school Beta build. I’ve got lots of progress to cover in this update, so let’s get that rolling!

We’re trucking along at a great pace with this week’s update, and I couldn’t be prouder of the team I have the privilege of working with.

Let’s start with the “Top Tenish” List, which encompasses some of the highlights of this week:

  1. Client Stability — We fixed several deadlocks, which include the stalling issue when loading the game a few people were experiencing. (Including myself, at home

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