General : If You Love Games, Check Out Steam Crate on mmoheros

A new service has cropped up that may be of interest to readers in the form of Steam Crate — basically Loot Crate for Steam Games. For the price of a monthly subscription, ten random Steam games will be added to buyers' collections. Each crate is guaranteed to be worth £30 (~ $45 USD) and some £100+ (~ $147 USD). Subscriptions can be single month, three or six months or an annual plan. 

We felt that there was something missing in the market, which was a digital gaming subscription based service. There were tons of physical item based crates available, but nothing that was purely digital that offered a mystery selection of fantastic games. Thus Stream Crate was created.

Our Motto goes, Love Gaming, Love Steam Crate – And We truely believe that you’ll love every digital delivery you recieve, and that you’ll enjoy hundreds of hours of fun with your mystery virtual delivery every month.

Prices are in British Sterling but it can be purchased in US dollars as well.

Check out the Steam Crate site.

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