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Demon Hunter Interview

Yesterday Tradechat and Perculia interviewed Senior Game Designers Jeremy Feasel (Muffinus) and Jonathan LeCraft (Crafticus) about Demon Hunters, which are accessible for players with Early Access on August 9th!

Topics covered include:

  • How long Demon Hunters were in the works, and what would be in a fantastical third spec if there was one
  • Glaives as weapons unique to Demon Hunters and the likelihood of more NPC weapon appearances added to the game
  • Customization options, such as the possibility of Metamorphosis retaining your tattoo color
  • Situations where Vengeance Demon Hunters should shine
  • Minigames and hidden content for Demon Hunters
  • Who would win? Death Knight vs Demon Hunter in a fight.

J!NX Giveaway

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Interview Summary

Below is a summary of the questions asked during the interview. For exact wording and tone, please refer to the video.

Q: How long was the demon hunter class in the works and have you wanted to implement them for a long time or only recently?
A: Since we played WCIII we have wanted to implement and play them! Has been discussed during BC but mostly during the last year and a half.

Q: If someone ordered the physical collector’s edition can they play DH early?
A: No but they will be able to get the BOA DH weapon(Glaive of the Fallen) which will be available on a vendor.

Q: Freeing up character names?
A: No hard plans for that – go save your names already!

Q: Are there going to be Glaives after the Legion expansion?
A: Absolutely- not sure how prominent they will be but we will continue to add them. This will be a fun question for our item designers! We definitely haven’t finished exploring their models.

Q: Any chance other classes will be able to use them?
A: No, Warglaives of Azzinoth (The Twin Blades of Azzinoth) are your last change to wear glaives as another class. I shouldn’t say for sure but probably no.

Q: Will we get more models for warglaives such as the ones the older NPCs use? i.e. unused models, Well of Eternity models?
A: Implementing the new transmog system made us realize how many models are unused/unavailable and made us want to put some back in. No spoilers but some older models will be back in – maybe secret locations, etc! Challenge – we believe something in Legion won’t be found for 6 months or more!

Q: Any other DH customization plans for future patches?
A: Not on the books but it’s something we have only scratched the surface of – we know players want it. No concrete plans but we’re testing the waters with transmog.

Q: Any cosmetic glyph plans for DHs?
A: Glyphs are in an interesting space right now because it’s less content — it’s important for us that glyphs feel cool, unique, and fun so trying to keep things un-homogenized. Maybe other tweaks we can make but not like swapping demon image between Havoc and Vengeance Metamorphosis form. (You can check out all the cosmetic Demon Hunter glyphs here.)

We brought up the possibility of Demon Hunters keeping their unique tattoos, colors, horns in Metamorphosis form and they seemed to like the idea.

Q: Since DHs wear leather instead of mail, how do you make them stand out from other Leather wearers and how did you decide to move them away from mail?
A: Yeah they started out wearing mail armour but it ended up looking like leather – so we were just like let’s just do leather (offset by personal loot, etc.) We thought it was a stronger choice – lighter weight, RPwise. Now the gear customization looks different on a DH than other classes – chests, especially.

Q: What makes a Demon Hunter different than other Melee DPS?
A: The theme of the attacks, the effects – ultimately how it feels when you press those buttons is the difference – fast, acrobatic feel with the animations. Burst mobility and medium range abilities. Makes them feel like magical melee – more live, darting magical ninja than DK.

Q: Metamorphosis as havoc is an extremely powerful ability on a long cooldown – any plans to make it useful outside of that "godliness" time?
A: We want the fantasy to feel cool and powerful but should feel awesome outside of Metamorphosis. Demon Hunters have great utility in 5 mans, where other classes might have other niches. You should feel locally overpowered i.e. excelling at your niche.

Q: All healers and tanks can function well in any situation but there are specs where things shine – how do Vengeance demon hunters fit?
A: Pulling mobs group to group, group silences, Sigil of Misery is a group fear – strong utility for Mythic+ 5 mans.

Q: Is there a possibility of Demon Hunters getting a 3rd spec and what would it be (totally hypothetical)?
A: This was hotly debated – we imagined a medium range fel caster but then we realized that’s just a warlock. Didn’t want to over complicate or over bloat. 2 specs is concentrated coolness. For fun? I’d design a demon hunter healer. Healer sniper demon hunter!! (This was said tongue in cheek)

Q: Any other cool class specific things demon hunters will see?
A: Order hall specific stuff, such as specific battle pets (Hateful Eye). NPCs in the world will react to you being a DH, Spectral Sight will allow you to see different things in the game than others (some of these will be in the pre-launch!)

Q: Will we see characters from the Illidan book into the game?
A: We can’t spoil anything from Illidan’s story line. We don’t want people’s DH story lines to end when you create the DH. We want this unfulfilled destiny to sort of always be there. It’s going to get wild and be neat!

Q: From a fantasy standpoint, who would win in a fight, a demon hunter or a death knight?
A: Yeah man – Illidan vs. Arthas! That ended in a standoff so we’re calling it a stalemate. DK’s always get resurrected and DHs always regenerate their soul! No winners here!

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