Core JJ on matching up against Wolf: 'He will be angry all the way back to Korea' –

Following Samsung Galaxy's 3-0 over H2k-Gaming, support Jo "Core JJ" Yongin participated in a press conference with English media. Core JJ talked about Miss Fortune, playing in two different regions and facing SKT's Lee "Wolf" Jaewan in the final.

A large point of contest in the two semifinal series has been Miss Fortune support. Core JJ picked Miss Fortune in the first game, but H2k-Gaming instead chose to ban it going forward. "Because I used to be an AD carry," Core JJ said on the topic, "I'm very familiar with Miss Fortune as a champion, so I had no problem using her spontaneously, whereas I believe H2K's support probably didn't know how to use Miss Fortune very well, so that's probably why he didn't pick this champion."

Miss Fortune, Core JJ said, also made him “miss playing ADC a little bit.”

But an AD carry-support champion wasn't the only divide Core JJ has spanned. As a player who has participated in both the North American LCS and the League of Legends Champions Korea, Core JJ said "having played in two different regions has allowed me to grow a broader perspective on how the game works."

In addition, he added that "the difference in playing in Korea and NA is how much influence a player is able to have. In NA, a player is able to decide which champion they want to play, in Korea this is less."

Perhaps the comment that incited the most amusement from press, however, was Core JJ’s response to Wolf’s earlier remark that he would “unleash his anger on” the finalist team. Core JJ only replied, “He’s a brother that I really like. I’m sorry to say this, but he will be angry all the way back to Korea.”

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