Blizzard announces unranked draft mode and MMR changes –

A massive update is coming to Heroes of the Storm on June 14 that will change the way a lot of the matchmaking works in the game, including the long awaited unranked draft mode!

Many players are getting tired of the current matchmaking system and how it works. Last month Blizzard announced a major revamp of the current matchmaking system and changes coming to the ranking structure. In a blog post on Wednesday they talked about a much awaited unranked draft mode and other major changes coming along with the June 14 update.

Unranked Draft Mode

The HotS community has been asking for an unranked draft mode option for a long time and it is finally coming. This mode will have a separate queue and be structured very similarly to Hero League, however there will be no party restrictions and it will have a separate MMR. 

MMR Normalization

Along with the changes coming to ranked and the beginning of seasons, players’ MMR will be transferred to a new system at the beginning of Season One. This isn’t going to change the skill difference in players immediately, but will provide a better distribution of players. The intent for this is shorter queue times and better match quality.

MMR Seeding

With the introduction of new game modes and the major ranked/MMR changes, the system will be using a players’ Quick Match MMR to initially place them in these queues. Then players will begin to develop an unranked draft mode MMR and a new Hero League MMR. However, for players who are active within Hero League the system will use a players’ preseason MMR to determine placement for the beginning of Season One.

Uncertainty Boost

Uncertainty is a factor that determines how quickly a player changes rank. For example, if a player just entered Hero League their uncertainty is relatively high and therefore they will gain/lose more points for winning/losing.

At the start of Season One and every season after that the uncertainty of every player will be severely increased to allow players to find their rank easier than before.

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