mmoheros | Are You Prepared? Demon Hunter Pre-Patch Overview

Demon Hunters arrive on August 9th for players that have pre-purchased World of Warcraft Legion. Here’s a look at some of the basics you can prep for a week in advance, and what you’ll need to get your character started and geared up.

Don’t forget, we are interviewing Blizzard tomorrow about Demon Hunters! Submit your questions here.

Creating a Demon Hunter

Before you log in and play your Demon Hunter, there are several things you should know:

  • Demon Hunters start off at level 98 and require a level 70 character on that specific server to create one.
  • Demon Hunters can only be Night Elves (Alliance) or Blood Elves (Horde). However, they can communicate cross-faction via demonic!
  • If you are unsure which race to pick, our Alliance and Horde faction overviews explain each race in more detail.
  • Demon Hunters cannot be boosted to 100.
  • Demon Hunters will have access to a Garrison, however they will have to unlock and upgrade it from scratch. Not sure what to do? We have a guide to questing for the Level 1 and 2 Garrison.

The character customization screen has more options for Demon Hunters than for other races: tattoos, horns, blindfolds. They also have additional hair colors, face options, and skin tones. You can try out all of these options in the Dressing Room and browse popular transmog sets for Demon Hunters in the Outfit Database.

Starting Experience

Demon Hunters will then go through a unique starting zone experience in Mardum, the Shattered Abyss and Vault of the Wardens. When the starting zone is complete, they will acquire two unique transmog appearances, the Felsaber mount, a full set of 680-690 gear, and hit level 100.

During the starting experience, they will progressively unlock more abilities and their first two talents. Demon Hunters will unlock the rest of their talent choices from 100 to 110.

Once the Demon Hunter has completed the starting experience, they can participate in any regular Warlords and pre-patch content, such as the Garrisons and Invasions. However, Demon Hunters will not be able to participate in the special Broken Shore scenario. This is because part of their starting zone experience takes place at the same moment in the lore timeline.

Click here for our detailed written overview to the starting experience!

Choosing a Specialization

Havoc is the DPS specialization:

  • Fantasy: A demonic elf who uses the magic of the Legion against them. A havoc demon hunter is an aggressive melee damage dealer with high mobility. They have adopted traits of demons and use their own power against them.The main thing that makes Demon Hunters truly special is Metamorphosis.
  • Resources: Havoc Demon Hunters are a use Fury as a resource. Using abilities such as Demon’s Bite to build fury and then using other abilities such as Blade Dance to spend Fury.
  • Mobility: Demon Hunters need to be swift in vanquishing the demons they hunt. Using abilities unique to them such as Fel Rush to quickly close the gap between them and their foes or using Vengeful Retreat to escape. You can even use your demonic wings to Glide from various high places.
  • AoE Capabilities: Eye Beam is one of many of your AoE abilities, along with Blade Dance, Fel Eruption,Throw Glaive and even your artifact weapon ability Fury of the Illidari does AoE.
  • Defensive Abilities: Blur is your main form of defense. You will also learn Darkness that can help not only you but your allies as well.
  • Artifact Weapon: Twinblades of the Deceiver is your artifact weapon as a Havoc Demon Hunter. One named Verus the other named Muramas.
  • Unique Mount: Demon Hunters no matter the spec or race will obtain Felsaber.
  • Armor: Leather Agility
  • Strengths: Overall a Havoc Demon Hunters excel in burst AoE as well as burst priority damage. Resource is easy to maintain as well as the flexibility in their talents for different situations.

See how Havoc Demon Hunters compare to other melee specs, and get some dps tips, in the Melee DPS Guide.

Vengeance is the tanking specialization:

  • Fantasy: A demonic elf who uses the magic of the Legion against them. A vengeance demon hunter is an aggressive, fast-paced tank that rips souls from the enemy to use for their own benefit.
  • Resources: Pain, generated via attacks and taking damage. Soul Fragments, which are minor healing orbs that spawn far from the demon hunter and are consumed by various abilities.
  • Damage Reduction: Demon Spikes, which directly reduces physical damage and increases your chance to avoid attacks.
  • Healing: Soul Cleave, a big finisher that heals more the more pain you spend on it.
  • Basic Rotation: Immolation Aura to pick up adds. Fill empty spots in your rotation with Shear. Both of these will generate Pain for active mitigation.
  • Mobility: Infernal Strike, which is a ground targeted leap on a short cooldown.
  • Defensive Cooldowns: Fiery Brand, a strong single target defensive ability on a short cooldown. Metamorphosis, an offensive and defensive ability that increases health and Pain generation. Empower Wards for magic damage.
  • Artifact Weapon: Aldrachi Warblades. A pair of warglaives that have absorbed souls across the cosmos.
  • Armor: Agility leather
  • Strengths: Strong and frequently usable cooldowns, well rounded healing and damage reduction abilities. Excellent solo capabilities. Precise and frequent mobility.

See how Vengeance Demon Hunters compare to other tanking specs, and get some general tanking tips, in the Tanking Overview.

Useful Items

Your other characters can work on a care package kit for your Demon Hunter. Here are some items they can mail over:

  • Bags: Tailors can make several large bags that are BoE—Hexweave Bag, Royal Satchel, and Illusionary Bag. Your starting bags will be the 20 slot bag Demon Hide Satchel.
  • Cooking materials: The best way to power level cooking is to learn the recipes from Sungshin Ironpaw and then loot The Joy of Draenor Cooking for Grilled Saberfish and Saberfish Broth. Most of the 1-600 reagents are sold by Sungshin Ironpaw but you should stock up on Golden Carp for Toasted Fish Jerky/Green Curry Fish and Crescent Saberfish Flesh for Grilled Saberfish.
  • Profession materials: Leveling professions in the pre-patch still requires Draenor materials, so stock up on herbs, Sumptuous Fur, Felblight, True Iron Ore, and Savage Blood. You can also speed fishing along with Nat’s Fishing Journal and Nat’s Draenic Fishing Journal. That said, you do not need to have a high skill level in order to unlock and learn Draenor recipes.
  • Mark of Honor: These PvP tokens are BoA and can be turned in for ilvl 710 pieces of gear.
  • Reputation items: This is more for fun, but you can spend Timewarped Badges on BoA commendations which grant 500 reputation with an old-world faction.
  • Enchants and Consumables: Save up some enchanting scrolls, Draenor gems, bandages, and flasks for any group content your Demon Hunter does.

Pre Patch Gearing

When you leave the starting zone, you will be wearing a full set of 680-690 gear. This will be good enough to get you into Hellfire Citadel LFR.

The Demon Hunter Artifact Weapon in Legion will be a Warglaive, but Demon Hunters can equip other types of weapons (1H axes, swords, fists), which come in handy for the pre patch. Keep this in mind when purchasing Mark of Honor weapons or seeing what Hellfire Citadel bosses have useful loot.

You can get your Demon Hunter a full set of ilvl 710 armor through Mark of Honor via the vendors Holly McTilla and Malukah Lightsong. These tokens are from PvP and are Bind on Account, so you can grind out the tokens in advance on a different character, and then just mail them over.

  • 1 Mark of Honor for belt, bracers, cloaks
  • 2 Mark of Honor for shoulders, gloves, boots
  • 3 Mark of Honor for helms, chests, pants
  • 5 Mark of Honor for weapons

Demon Hunters do not have specific tier sets or Warglaives from Hellfire Citadel, but there is a variety of agility loot they can equip:

  • Agility weapons include Demonblade Eviscerator, Voracious Souleater, Shadowrend Talonblade, and Runeaxe of the Breaker
  • Helm: Hood of Unknowable Secrets, Gurtogg’s Discarded Hood, Helm of Imagined Horrors
  • Shoulder: Blood-Tanned Pauldrons, Rangefinder’s Spaulders
  • Chest: Tunic of the Soulbinder, Chestguard of Gnawing Desire, Tunic of Reformative Runes
  • Gloves: Felfinger Runegloves, Insulated Wirer’s Gloves
  • Belt: Waistwrap of Banishment, Belt of Misconceived Loyalty, Flayed Demonskin Belt
  • Legs: Leggings of Eternal Terror, Empowered Demonskin Kilt, Rivet-Studded Leggings
  • Wrist: Terrorweave Wristwraps, Manacles of the Multitudes, Bloodcult Bracers, Gorebound Wristguards
  • Boots: Oppressor’s Merciless Treads, Toxicologist’s Treated Boots, Jungle Assassin’s Footpads, Spiked Irontoe Slippers
  • Trinkets: Mirror of the Blademaster, Fel-Spring Coil, Anzu’s Cursed Plume, Warlord’s Unseeing Eye, Soul Capacitor, Tyrant’s Decree, Malicious Censer
  • Cloak: Cloak of Tangible Dread, Void Lord’s Wizened Cloak, Drape of Gluttony, Cloak of Desperate Temerity, Forward Observer’s Camouflage Cloak, Windswept Wanderer’s Drape, Ironthread Greatcloak
  • Amulet: Choker of the Great Betrayer, World Ender’s Gorget, Choker of Reciprocity, Void-Sealed Gorget, Chain of Lidless Eyes, Heartseeking Skull Pendant, Contained Fel Orb Locket, Faulty Detonator Cord, Spiked Bloodstone Pendant
  • Rings: Mannoroth’s Calcified Eye, Zakuun’s Signet of Command, Portal Key Signet, Serrated Demontooth Ring, Filigreed Loop of Zealotry, Mar’tak’s Rugged Seal, Pit-Extracted Stone Signet

Kazzak’s loot is now 720; he is a good source for trinkets, capes, necks, and wrists.

Mythic dungeon bosses have a chance to drop ilvl 715 heirloom trinkets that scale up to lvl 110. These include Infallible Tracking Charm and Purified Shard of the Third Moon.

The Pre-Expansion Invasions will have ilvl 700 weapons which can be upgraded up to 725 via Coalesced Fel.

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