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It is with heavy hearts that we announce today that development The Repopulation has been temporarily suspended and alpha servers are currently offline. As most of you are already aware, Idea Fabrik (the creators of Hero Engine) has been going through some turmoil over the past two months which has caused us to temporarily suspend sales of the game. Servers have remained online, but their ongoing costs are preventing us from keeping them online indefinitely. As a result, the Repopulation’s alpha servers will be going offline until this situation is resolved.

We want to stress that this is not the end of The Repopulation. Our goal remains to ship the product in as timely of a fashion as possible. This situation could take some time to resolve though. We don’t have an ETA for when the issues will be resolved unfortunately, as this is not under our control, but it’s this could stretch out for a little bit of time. 

You probably have a number of questions regarding the current situation and we’ve provided some FAQ style answers to common questions to make things easier to understand.

Q: Is The Repopulation Cancelled?

A: No. It is in a temporary holding pattern until the issues at Idea Fabrik can be resolved. But it is expected to launch after these issues subside.

Q: What Issues is Idea Fabrik Facing?

A: You can find more information on these issues in an official post on their forums here:,6056.0.html

We can not disclose much else due to confidentiality agreements. Idea Fabrik is working hard to resolve this issue, however.

Q: Why Are These Issues Affecting You?

A: We have a contract with Idea Fabrik. The terms of that contract include them hosting the game servers and account systems, and providing support in exchange for a cut of any revenue that The Repopulation generates. 

As a result of these current issues there is an issue with new account registrations which can not be resolved currently, and if there were any incidents with the servers they may not be easily correctable. This also has affected our ability to issue new patches. Under those circumstances we felt it was only fair to disable early access sales when this situation occurred. The servers meanwhile have remained up and we have kept staff on board to handle support, etc. 

While Idea Fabrik does have the resources to continue to stay afloat while trying to correct these issues, our servers do not come cheaply. With no money incoming, the combination of server fees and support staff is something we simply can not afford to do if this stretches out for a significant period of time, as there is always the possibility that we will need additional money to cover licensing costs, hosting fees, etc. 

Q: Does That Mean You Are Out of Money?

A: No. But once this situation is resolved it will be a couple of months before we see the money that is taken when the game goes back on sale. We need to ensure that we keep enough money in reserve to cover costs the costs of starting back up when that happens. If we continued to keep the servers running and covering support staff and the issues at Idea Fabrik stretch on for a significant period of time, we could put the the future of the game in jeopardy as a result of dwindling away our resources while this process plays out.

Q: Can’t You Just Find a New Host?

A: It isn’t as simple as that unfortunately. We have a number of different options moving forward, but they are dependent on a number of external factors, including how this situation plays out. 

Q: Is There Anything I Can Do to Help?

A: Probably not, but inquiries or suggestions can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll do our best to give them all consideration. The best thing you can do at this point is to exercise patience as this ordeal plays out.

Q: How Long Is This Expected To Take?

A: We wish we knew, but even if we are shared information regarding the situation in the future, it is subject to confidentiality agreements unless it is information which third parties wish to become public knowledge. Any time frame we give would only be an estimation. If we expected a quick resolution we would have likely opted to keep the servers operating throughout it, but problems like this can sometimes take time to solve. 

Q: What Will Above and Beyond Technologies Be Doing During the Downtime?

A: We’ll continue to explore our options. Talking to third parties and looking for a solution. We are also exploring contingency plans and ways to help make up for this to our community. 

Trust me when I say that we were all crushed by this news when we first became aware of it in late October. We had big plans for the remainder of the year. Those plans have been put on hold, but we aren’t going anyplace.

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