7 useful tricks Challenger Players abuse ft Pants (League of Legends)

For minion wave management, I have to recommend: SoloRenektonOnly. He rarely talks about slowpushing and building a gigantic wave, but all the fundamentals are there.

As a support main I like to pink the bot lane brush (not tri or river where I would use a normal ward) on my side. I’ve noticed the enemy bot laners find it irresistible and will generally die trying to clear it. It creates an easy opportunity to trade and draw attention from our jungled potentially ganking while they go to clear it.

its because you are not challenger. to a person who doesnt play league, a challenger and a bronze is the same. They are just clicking mouse and keyboard. To a person who doesnt understand in depth macros, a challenger player and a gold is the same to him. You can only differentiate the flashy mechanical plays but not the macros.

even tho the last one is true you should not fall in them shoes. i do it way too often and id dare say 80% of the time it is just a bait. 20% it works. you delay them and yourself from back. its better them back and then push the wave to their tower so they are missing a wave or two then return with the advantage. you will sooner or later out level and get a gold lead just from that method and its being safe and stopping your team from having any mean of raging or being called a baited.

Another small trick u maybe could mention is taking 1:4 masterys (spellvamp/lifesteal: Ap/Ad) since on basicly ever champ at least 1 point into the left side is worth. If u higher ur damage u also higher the HP u will get back. but therefor u need at least this one masterypoint. (unless u arent getting lifesteal/spellvamp anyway)

A further small trick is to try to not waste Hp-reg/Mana-reg. If u are full mana or full hp (especially during the laningphase) the regeneration values are basicly wasted. so be more confident to try small trades or land skillsshots, to make sure u are getting the maximum out of ur champ. (not on or against all-in champs).

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