5 Abilities That Got REMOVED From Overwatch

I first started playing Overwatch on XBOX yesterday (my gamertag is DesolateHeart88) and I have found I am pretty good at playing Bastion, and what really annoys me is when people who can’t play Bastion at all just take the character, whenever this happens I have to try and use a different character while they are just getting killed over and over again.

Lucio at his basic level is very simple. You speed boost from spawn at the start. If you die and 2-3 people are dead. Wait for them to respawn to speed them into the match. Mostly just have heals on. Wall ride on random shit and shoot random shit. That’s basic lucio at low levels in a nutshell. Genji, well genji takes skill to get very far. Reinhardt is kinda at low levels just a slab. But with Genji you kinda got to like be jumping over your enemies and firing down constantly so they can’t hit you. Save your swift strike to either finish off an enemy it does like 50 damage I think. Or to escape when low of hp. You can deflect quite a few ults. You can deflect hanzos when it’s still in arrow form. Zarya’s, Mei’s, while those two are both little balls and like Mcree and so on.

his original ultimate was a small little RC car with a bouncing betty attached to it that he could make burrow into the ground and detonate whenever an enemy got near it. It was basically an instakill to anyone who walked over it.

bastion had a turret shield, more hp, and his ult was a drone that would jump and just shoot everything around it in a small range, or did it cause explosions in a small area around it, but yeah that was basically junkrats ult but not instant damage.

no the hitbox is 100% the size of soldier 76. its been tested repeatedly. if it goes OVER YOUR HEAD and basically by definition misses. it will still pull you because of its tall hitbox. its a buggy badly designed ability that simply needs fixed. it isnt broken its just stupid as all hell and unreasonable it should be changed simply due to quality of life.

I played for the first time in…a very long time after the revamp, I played strategically on that one capture point with that side part(terrible at remembering the names)and got play of the game, I never had played Symmetra too much but, I suppose I played her like I was supposed to.

Not an ability but, they need to have different mobility for every hero. Like, you’re playing hanzo and there’s a enemy Reinhardt next to you, you’re fuck because they move at the same speed. Or if it’s a roadhog, he’ll get around that corner a millisecond after you. There’s so many times I raged because of the shit mobility.

the remote mine was really useless for bastion since bastion requires front line or with in a team action, a remote mine isnt that good, it was a slower, less mobile (couldnt climb walls) junkrat wheel, so atleast junkrat is viable and the wheel is instanf damage in a wide area, while the remote drone mine jumps and creates a small spherical area of damage over time, it was insta kill, and it was escapeable.

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