mmoheros | 360-degree shooter RIVE, launches on PC and PS4 with new trailer

Two Tribes has officially released RIVE, a 360-degree hybrid shooter/platformer that will also be the last game made by the studio. The game has been in development for over two years and lets players create their own "dance of destruction" with incredible tense and fast-paced battles. You can also grab the game at a 15% launch discount until September 27th, bringing the game to only $12.74.

RIVE tells the story of the space scavenger Roughshot and his robot butler, DLL as they fight and blast their way through a starship while hacking enemy drones along the way. Both Roughshot and DLL are voiced by Mark Dodson, who is known for his roles on the movie Gremlins and the Star Wars spinoff, Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.

If you're interested in RIVE, you can head over to the game's official Steam page or check it out on PSN. 

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