16.5.2 Build is Now Live. – mmoheros.com

 16.5.2 Build is Now Live. - mmoheros.com


The 16.5.2 patch has been deployed to the Fragmented servers. This is our largest patch since moving the game into Early Access, and includes support for Spanish and Simplified Chinese localization, optimizes network performance, and includes a variety of other improvements. We will highlight the major features below, before giving a preview of what to expect over the course of the month and moving on to the full build notes.


This build represents the first implementation of localization in Fragmented. Spanish and Simplified Chinese are currently supported. We’ll add in support for additional languages in the near future. This, like the rest of the game, should be considered an alpha feature, though seems to be working well. Please let us know if you run into any issues.


Another major change in this build will likely not be noticeable to most players. The guild system has undergone a major overhaul internally and should be significantly more network-friendly. Performance wasn’t the only change here though, we’ve also modified how structures work in relation to guilds. Guild leaders are now able to demolish structures which were placed in their guild bases by their members. If a player leaves a guild, any structures on the guild bases will be transferred to the guild itself. An option to ignore guild invites was also added.


We also continued to refine the housing system. There are more restrictions on where you can place certain buildings types, and these are exposed to server configuration flags so player-hosted servers can modify them to their liking. These changes primarily affect where you can place walls and turrets, requiring them to be within 20 meters of your guild’s buildings by default, while enforcing a 50-meter distance from opposing structures. It is also now possible to adjust the elevation of structures when placing them, which can be very useful when placing base platforms. We’ve increased the storage size of foot lockers, as well as making small crates available earlier in the Construction skill tree. We’ve also introduced new wood and stone gate structures, which are available quickly and will only open for the owner or their guildmates.


What good is construction without destruction though? PvP servers will once again be able to siege and destroy their opponents buildings. Many improvements were made to this system, including real-time monitoring of structure damage, a warning system to guild members when one of their structures falls under attack, and a significant increase to structure durability. Structure Repair Kits were also introduced to allow repairs to be made to buildings.


We’ve added an assortment of rare loot to NPC loot tables. These are distributed between rare mobs and some humanoids NPCs. Death Markers have been added to PvE servers, and you can now zoom out further to select more distant beds. Leveling rate and the rate at which you become hungry or thirsty has also slowed down. These are just a small selection of the changes in this patch; you can read the complete build notes below.


  • Added an animation to swapping weapons in first person view.
  • When not holding a scoped weapon (e.g. unarmed or holding melee weapon), your arms should no longer move when moving the camera.


  • Mubark have new sound effects.


  • Melee users have an increased chance to dodge incoming attacks.


  • Added /gm shutdownserver for shutting the server down gracefully.


  • Flurry Guns have new icons.


  • It is now possible to raise or lower the height of some structures when placing them. Default key bind is Shift + Mousewheel (rotate has been moved to Ctrl + Mousewheel). At this time, only a few structures are set up to allow the vertical movement, but more will be set in the future.
  • If a player changes guilds, for structures or containers previously placed in the world, their guild ownership will not change with the player if they are too close to any one else's base defining structures (platforms and buildings). Structures and containers that are isolated from others will change with the player.
  • When placing housing structures, the restricted area determination is now based on the structure location, not the player.
  • Guild leaders and founders now have permission to demolish any structures or containers that belong to the guild (e.g. placed by any guild member).
  • Fixed an issue where housing structures in the process of being placed could get stuck high in the air. This should also help prevent placing structures on top of yourself, such that you are caught in the "basement" of a building.
  • Added a new server configuration flag: structureDamageMod. This modifier can be used to modify how much damage attacks to structures do. So, for example if you change it from 1.0 to 1.5 then you will do 150% normal damage when attacking structures. This can be used to make sieges go more quickly on some servers.
  • The platform of iron bases should no longer be able to collide with other structures when placed.
  • You can now damage structures with melee and ranged weapons.
  • You now receive damage messages when hitting structures.
  • Introduced new Structure Repair Kits. These kits can be used to repair nearby structures, restoring a portion of damage commited. If no nearby structures are damaged then the item will not be consumed.
  • It's now possible to zoom in/out while sprinting (holding shift) even when using default shift+mousewheel structure rotate key bind.
  • Modified fence/gate building restrictions, such that the other structures you need to be near must be buildings or platforms. Smaller structures such as props and crates do not qualify.
  • Added structure placement restrictions, preventing placement of structures too close to land claimed by others, via they having placed buildings or platforms in the area.
  • Foot Lockers can now store up to 6 items.
  • You should now be able to demolish structures when another partially intersects with it, at the same ground level.
  • Turrets can now only be placed within a close proximity to one of your bases.
  • Added new server configuration flags: NearOurLandRadius and NearTheirLandRadius. These flags allow server operators to define the distance that you must be near your own buildings in order to place turrets, gates or walls, and the distance you must be away from hostile buildings in order to place structures.

Items and Fittings

  • Mini-Explosives can now explode a maximum of three times per projectile.
  • Traps now have a two second delay before going active after they have been placed.
  • Portable Shields now last for 60 seconds, up from 45.
  • Health Stims received a slight boost to the regeneration rate.
  • Introduced new Respec Kits. These kits are very rare drops from boss mobs and allow you to respecialize your skills similar to the chat command which was available temporarily earlier in testing.
  • Healing from Bandages and Painkillers has been increased by 30%.
  • Introduced a new consumable item type: Helltyr Adrenaline. This is a more potent form of Adrenaline which gives a large instant boost to your stamina, but reduces your movement speed for a few seconds. It is useful if you are low on stamina in a big fight.
  • Increased the number of uses of steel tools.
  • Makeshift Explosives have been removed from the game. You should now be able to demolish structures using the 'F' key. The old items still exist, but have a note that they are obsolete and to please destroy them. Attempting to use them will do nothing.
  • Increased the number of uses on rare crafted items.
  • Reduced the damage of siege weapons (MEL, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher) slightly.
  • Modified the turret descriptions so that they clarify that turrets are only useful in PvP, and will not attack NPCs.


  • Added "Ignore Guild Invitations" to Game Options.
  • Corpses which feature hides will now include information that you can use a skinning stone or an axe.
  • You now get hungry and thirsty a little more slowly.
  • Reduced the base amount of experience granted from monster kills, as well as reducing the bonus for defeating mobs who are significantly higher level than you.
  • Added /wipeme oldguilddata to help fix any issues if for some reason you end up in 2 guilds. It will wipe guild data that you are not currently part of.


  • You can now use an axe or a skinning stone to obtain Helltyr Adrenal Glands from the corpses of Helltyrs. These glands can be used to produce Helltyr Adrenaline.
  • Added many items into rare loot tables.
  • Rhinoc are now about a little larger than was previously the case. Please let us know if anyone experiences any issues with their ragdoll physics on death.


  • Improved performance when placing structures.
  • Optimized the Shock Trap effect, reducing particles and excluding some effects from low detail levels.

Player vs. Player

  • Much work has been done to destructible structures. You will now be able to see the damage progress as you destroy them, at least until they reach the crumbling stage. Buildings in general are much more difficult to destroy.
  • If one of your structures falls under attack from opposing players it will warn everyone in the guild that it is under attack. There is a limit of one warning every 2 minutes for each structure to prevent this from spamming players.

Trade Skills

  • Wood Gates can now be created by with a Construction skill of 1. These are similar to wood walls but open when the owner or guildmates walk near them.
  • Stone Gates can now be created with a Construction skill of 2. These will open for the owner or guildmates when they go near them.
  • Reduced the amount of Iron and Calibrite required to create Rockets from 6 to 5.
  • Reduced the Silicone requirement to create Grenades from 4 to 3.
  • You can now create Helltyr Adrenaline with a level 7+ Subsistence skill.
  • You can now create Structure Repair Kits with a Construction skill of 5.
  • Slightly increased the resource requirement to create Foot Lockers, from 10 to 12 logs.
  • Small Crates can now be created with just 5 Construction skill. They previously required 6 skill.

User Interface

  • Added Auto Death Marker to show last corpse location in map after respawning. This is only valid on PvE servers.
  • Added feedback message for players kicked from a guild.
  • Guild Log has been renamed as Guild History in the Guild Manager.
  • Structure damage is now updated on the target display.
  • You can no longer fire when in character view mode (ctrl+shift+c)
  • Added Localization support for lanaguages.
  • Spanish and Chinese translations have been added for most text in game. There is still some work to be done there, both in the size of labels and in some areas not yet being translated. We'll improve this in the next build and this should be considered a work in progress.
  • Added more space to Marker Manager title to fit in spanish.
  • The default key bind for rotating structures has been changed to Ctrl+Mousewheel, making room for the new Raise and Lower Structure actions, which will use Shift+Mousewheel.
  • Respawn map now allows you to zoom in and out to select far away beds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where traps were detonating on the owner when being placed because they were not yet set as owner when the detonation event began ticking.
  • Turrets are now properly holding their owner/guild values after a server restart. They also are now restoring their previous HP.
  • Fixed a typo with Sturdy Nanofiber boots.
  • Fixed a bug where trap FX would stack up if there were multiple players being affected, causing video lag.
  • Contents of bags and containers can now be dropped properly to the ground by dragging them out of the window like you do with your inventory.
  • Fixed a typo in Samr Berry Seed description.
  • Improved force field behavior so they will always throw you in the correct direction.
  • Reduced voltage of force fields so you no longer look inside your own head when approaching. (fixed camera collision with force fields).
  • Fixed a typo in Crowbar description.
  • Fixed recipe checks when first logging in so it will add missing recipes there were recently added to the game.
  • You can once again create Off-Road Vehicle Keys. As of the time of writing they still can not be used to summon vehicles, but you can stock pile on the keys.
  • It will no longer recommend using a skinning stone on corpses which do not support this tool.
  • Fixed several typos in skill tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where newly created bases and buildings did not allow guildmates to build upon them.
  • Helltyr Hammers now have proper stats. They were previously using the stats from Stone Hammers erroneously.
  • Fixed a guild related bug which could have allowed access to things it should not have.
  • Fixed it so weapons would not damage guild members on a PvP server. Before it was only working unarmed.
  • Fixed an issue with hunger/thirst damage not applying.
  • Tesla Turrets will no longer be consumed if you try to place them in a bad location.
  • Added a missing period to the Battery description.
  • Some fixes to localization labels buged.
  • You can now harvest trees while wielding a Phosphori Axe.
  • Fixed it so guild members cannot damage player owned pets/turrets.
  • Fixed a bug with item name title description when more than 1 item.
  • /rename now will properly pass your guildID back instead of setting you to no guild.
  • /rename will now update your roster data in your guild (will require close/open of the guild window).
  • Fixed an issue where a player would show as dead when they were alive.
  • Fixed a bug which was disallowing you to use a Steel Axe to harvest one of the trees in the Kaavo region.

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