13 Awesome Overwatch Secrets You Probably Missed

R the are over 7 billion humans on this planet we call earth and home. You honestly could say that the earth is overpopulated. I for one welcome any death if it keeps the population in check. Not to mention death will eventually happen to every person on earth at one point or another. The fact that it doesn’t happen often enough could represent a problem. Overpopulation on a global scale isn’t something to just brush off.

One the topic of the gorilla and the kid I don’t see why i should care about any creature or animal i do not know. I don’t see why anyone should particularly care about someone they don’t know or are even involved with or related to. I didn’t care about the gorilla or the kid. However the fact of the matter is that the gorilla had nothing to do with that situation. He did not cause it and didn’t know any better of it. What i see as wrong is that the gorilla died due to the ignorance of a child and idiocy of a parent (who lets their child out of his/or her sight to begin with and if you know there will be trouble keep track of your kids don’t take them out to public places).

I’ll agree that this society is stupid but not at all for the reasons you stated and for various other ones. However going into that would be an entire other topic.

They missed one. In Eichenwalde, there’s a Dark Souls reference. If you go in the castle in one of the back rooms you’ll find a health pack with a sword in a camp fire which is a reference to the save points in Dark Souls.

Mercy was the one that made genji the way he is. When he fought hanzo he was injured and left behind. Overwatch found him and mercy made him the new. Mechanical body.

What about the dark souls reference? forgot the name of the map, but it has a little bonfire from darksouls in a little area that no one goes to. It even has the coiled sword in it.

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