mmoheros | Bless Online strives to balance its PvE and PvP communities

This past weekend the Bless Online dev team sat down with the community in Seoul

mmoheros – Aeria Games to publish Bless Online in the west

It’s happening, people, it’s really happening. Bless Online is heading to the west, for real, after

Bless Online AMA gets all of the questions, has few answers to give on mmoheros

Those anticipating the arrival of Bless Online in the west are still

One Shots: Slipping between shadows on mmoheros

I’m not one of the stealthy types in MMOs, mostly because very few games give me the chance to hang

mmoheros – Bless will be down to two Korean servers after its next round of merges

Back in February, Bless underwent a merge of its servers —

16.5.2 Build is Now Live. –

  The 16.5.2 patch has been deployed to the Fragmented servers. This is our largest patch since moving the game

mmoheros | 16.5.4 Patch Live

  16.5.4 sees us returning to a more normalized patch schedule with a weekly build. We will still issue smaller point

Fallout 4: Far Harbor Rolling Out Like So Much Maine Fog –

Far Harbor, the first big hunk of DLC for Fallout 4 [official site], launches

mmoheros – Overwatch’s Warring Brothers Get Animated Short

I was in a plane/jetlagged for most of Monday and Tuesday so I missed the Genji/Hanzo animated short for

Codename Eagle: Reflections On The Real Battlefield 1 on mmoheros

Charlie Brooker and an atrocious Bust-a-Move port was all that stood between Codename: Eagle and dubious distinction